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Resort Management Service Inc.

Kosmas Group International's (KGI) management company, Resort Management Services, Inc., RMSI, was founded in 1986 to facilitate the management of KGI's real estate holdings and development efforts. Our staff possesses vast expertise in hotel, resort, and timeshare property management arena. From development and construction, through transition to association owner control, RMSI strives to provide guidance and expertise to assist with all aspects of the business of property management.

Hospitality: Expert care of the physical resort, building interiors and exteriors, grounds, landscaping, maintenance, front desk operations, staffing, and housekeeping is required when operating a timeshare resort. RMSI brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and trains the employees to operate the resort like their "home away from home". This attitude helps ensure that our employees are motivated to "get the job done right the first time". In timeshare, the standard window of opportunity, basically seven days, gives us little time to make sure everything is perfect for the vacation stay. Our teams goal is to make certain that every owner or guest leaves happy, refreshed, and with a smile on their face.

Homeowners Association Relations & Communications: RMSI specializes in management of association business, including organizing and documenting meetings, preparation of minutes, and member distribution of required notices and other important communications. Our "E-communications" allow us to expedite very important communications quickly and cost efficiently. Continued education in understanding documents and state statutes applicable operation can be tedious. Our staff is committed to the highest standards of operation to ensure our Board of Director's are fully informed and involved in making decisions as may pertain to day to day business.

Accounting and Financial Management: Preparation of annual budgets; development of replacement reserve schedules; cash management and banking relationships; long range planning; preparation of monthly financial statements and variance analyzation; owner financial servicing, and maintenance and taxes billing and collection is vital to the success of an association. RMSI works closely with external audit teams to make certain the associations financial records are accurate and that all necessary state filings and reports are submitted on time and in compliance with all required state statutes.

Inventory Control and Yield Management: RMSI's operation of a central reservations systems with toll-free lines, accommodating fixed, floating and points-based ownership as well as options including split week usage, bonus time usage, lock-offs and biennials helps our owners obtain quality vacation experiences.

Operation of Effective Rental Program: Company affiliations with domestic and international wholesalers, travel agents and tour operators allow RMSI to successful fill off season vacancies that offer a revenue source to associations, thus helping to offset negative income associated with uncollectible accounts. This revenue management program helps us to maintain attractive maintenance fees for our owners well below industry averages

Risk Management: Insurance evaluation and comprehensive coverage available at reasonable volume rates; interior design and purchasing; training programs; experienced and knowledgeable timeshare and association legal staff; safety and security programs; human resources management; central purchasing with volume and bulk rate advantages; in-depth knowledge and relationships with both external exchange companies; and construction expertise.

Exchange Company and Professional Affiliations: RMSI working with Internal International and other affiliated exchange companies, assist owners with exchange education and helps owners facilitate successful vacation exchanges allowing our members to explore the world. Our commitment and relationship with ARDA, the American Resort Developer's Association, provides up to date information on changes in our industry and aids in helping key management implement new and creative ideas and strategies that serve to enhance our members vacation ownership.