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What do Vacation Owners actually own?

Vacation owners obtain the right to enjoy a resort during a specified period of time each year. Vacation ownership is flexible. You may exchange, rent, or sell your vacation ownership interest - even leave it to your heirs! KGI fills your unit when you’re not on vacation. In this sense, many other families are helping you finance your vacation which keeps the costs lower than buying your own vacation home.

What about Flexibility?

Vast exchange programs offer you approximately 2600 resorts in over 75 nations, allowing you the flexibility to travel to many new locations.

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Vacation ownership is a major purchase decision. KGI understands! We have designed our sales presentations and marketing materials around common consumer concerns and values. Over the years, we have learned that an informed purchaser becomes a satisfied customer.

Vacation ownership is a cost effective way of including and incorporating quality vacation time, relaxation, valuable memories and enjoyment into your family's life. In the past, the best way to guarantee a perfect family vacation was to own your own condo at the lake, a studio in the city, or a villa at the shore. This would be a great way to secure your vacation every year, but buying your own property is such an expensive proposition! Particularly when that prime property stands empty for most of the year. Hence, vacation ownership was created.

Advantages of Vacation Ownership

Vacation ownership provides the advantages of owning your own vacation home, such as the assurance of great accommodations and a possible second home U.S. tax deduction, without all of the hassles. And you pay only for the time you actually need. Most people can only vacation a week or two a year, so why pay for the 50 weeks you're chained to a desk? Finally, you're pre-paying for future vacations at today's prices. You make a one-time purchase at a fixed price, then pay an annual fee for maintenance and/or real estate taxes.

KGI regards Homeowners' Associations (HOA's) as important partners in the smooth running of our properties. Both before and after all vacation weeks are sold at a resort, our on-site management collaborates closely with HOA representatives on topics ranging from maintenance programs to resort security.